How do I remove a team member from the company in the app?


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Go to the Team page and find the team member you want to remove and click on the row to expand it. You will then be able to see all the equity pools that the team member is a part of under the Permissions column, including their respective status in the said pools (i.e., active or inactive).

In the bottom right corner of the row of the applicable equity pool, click the Toggle activity icon (circled in red below) and proceed to FLAG AS INACTIVE.

If the team member has already met the minimum requirement for equity sharing in an equity pool (represented by a green pie chart icon), you will also need to exclude them in the said equity pool. To do this, click the Toggle inclusion in equity sharing icon (circled in red below) and proceed to EXCLUDE the team member.

Note that if the team member is a part of multiple equity pools, you will need to do this for all the other equity pools until the team member is no longer actively part of any equity pool.

Once the team member’s status in all the equity pools is set to “inactive” and he/she is “excluded” from equity sharing in all of them, click the Remove from company icon (circled in red below) corresponding to the said team member and proceed to click REMOVE.

Important Disclaimer: The foregoing FAQ or tutorial is NOT legal advice on the validity or legality of (a) the exclusion of a person from the equity plan or an equity pool or (b) on the removal of the said person from the company itself. This tutorial is for general informational purposes only as to the removal process in the app and presupposes that the removal is valid or legal in the first place. Please consult with a lawyer and seek legal advice before effecting such exclusion or removal. 

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