What should I tell my attorney if I would like to use Upstock’s equity system?


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Some lawyers might see Upstock as competition because companies no longer need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on billable hours for the drafting and review of complex equity systems (like stock options) that can confuse and demotivate workers.

However, progressive and forward-thinking lawyers who have the company's best interests at heart will see Upstock as a huge game changer and a tool that can increase the chances that the company will succeed.

In addition, Upstock can make a corporate or in-house lawyer’s life easier as they no longer have to worry about doing everything from scratch. This frees their time and allows them to focus on more complicated and important issues of which there are many.

So tell your lawyer that we’d love to talk to them so that we can both provide you and your lawyer the needed assurance that Upstock’s equity system works from a legal perspective.

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