Does Upstock provide legal documents for its equity plans?


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Yes, we do. We provide high-quality legal documents and contract templates which can be customized using our app. There are options to add custom language and tweak other variables, depending on what is appropriate for the company.

We provide three core legal documents and a fourth one.

1. The Equity Plan Agreement. This is a 20-40 page document that lays down the mechanisms of the equity plan such as how an equity award agreement is created and how such awards vest and are settled. The plan agreement is the overarching umbrella of the entire equity system.

2. Equity Pool Grant Agreement. For dynamic RSU systems, this is the agreement that creates an “equity pool” which has an allocated number of equity units. Workers added to the pool can get a share of the allocated equity based on their contributions which is measured through “equity points.”

3. Award Agreement. This is arguably the most important document and is one entered into between the worker and the company that specifies, among others, when and how much equity the worker will get. The Award Agreement outlines the vesting schedule and conditions particular to that worker, such as whether the equity award would be for fixed or dynamic equity, or whether it’s time-based or performance-based.

4. Service Provider Agreements. If you don’t already have one, Upstock can also provide you with a high quality contract template for an employee, contractor, adviser and/or community participant. These agreements include all of the standard terms that you would see in a usual contractor employment or adviser agreement.

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