How is Upstock different from a cap table provider like Carta, Shareworks, Captable or Pulley?


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Service providers like Carta, Shareworks, Captable or Pulley are in the business of equity management and reporting. They generally cater to founders, investors and shareholders. Upstock is focused on a related but different part of the equation which is equity compensation for workers and employees (and how they tie in to the overall equity structure of the company).

Upstock key services are (1) equity plan creation, (1) equity management and (3) equity plan communication.

1. Equity plan creation. We can help you determine the appropriate equity plan for your company, depending on your age, size, industry, goals and operations. Knowing what works best for your company is essential in creating a good equity plan.

2. Equity plan management. We help you with the legal documentation and assist you in managing your equity pools and show you how they fit with your cap table or overall capital structure

3. Equity plan communication. We enable you to effectively communicate the value of the equity plan to your workforce without the need of hiring plan managers or plan communicators. We do this through our motivational dashboards with a built-in estimated valuation feature and landmark event modeling functionality.

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