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Setting up your Upstock equity system


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Step 1: Go to your Dashboard. If you haven’t completed this onboarding step before, you will see a to-do item called “1. Activate your Universal Unit Award Plan.” To proceed, click Go Started.

Note: The Universal Unit Award Plan is the heart of Upstock’s system that allows the issuance of RSUs (or RTUs) in a fixed or dynamic manner to motivate your workers and employees.

Step 2: Input your total number of company shares which refers to your company's "fully-diluted shares."

If you have a cap table provider or used an equity management software before, this information is usually available in the app or software itself. If not, you will need to check your organizational documents and outstanding equity agreements.

Here's a more in-depth guide on how to find it: How do I find the "total number of company shares" of my company?

(Note: If you are still not sure on how to find your company's total equity, you may also contact us at [email protected])

Step 3: Choose the currency you generally use to pay out compensation and salaries.

The currency will also be used in displaying your company valuation and the estimated value of your worker's RSU equity plans.

Step 4: Input your company's most recent valuation and choose a valuation source for it.

Your company valuation is taken into account in estimating the value of your worker's equity rewards.

Step 5: Indicate the country or state where your company was formed or organized.

You can usually find this in your organizational documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation, Articles of Organization and the like.

For more details, see also: What is my “company's jurisdiction”?

Step 6: Review and sign your RSU plan agreement (Universal Unit Award Plan).

You can choose to draw your signature.

Or type it out or upload an image of it. Either way, you will need to represent that your signature represents your consent and authority to bind the company to the terms of the agreement.

And that's it, you're done. Congrats!

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